The Freedom Formula for Physicians


Inside this book, you will learn my proven system, The Freedom Formula for Physicians, which provides a five step strategy for sound financial planning specifically tailored to the financial challenges of being a doctor.
Less Debt, Less Taxes, Higher Returns...
More money in your pocket to focus on your passions.


5 Steps to Get Out of Debt for Physicians
Specific Strategies for Doctors to Crush Their Debt

  • How to keep MORE of your hard earned money while paying off your school loans FASTER.
  • How to understand all the confusing debt forgiveness programs (PSLF, IBR, PER) and determine what is right for you.
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The Tax Reduction Prescription
Seven Ways to Reduce Your Taxes TODAY

  • How doctors can keep MORE of what they earn.
  • My proprietary, exclusive strategy for how to reduce your taxable income in 5 ways WITHOUT taking a pay-cut
  • How The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will be drastically effecting your taxes NOW and what you can do to minimize that impact.
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Investing 201
The Advanced Course of Investments

  • Learn the 10-minute test that you could apply EVERY YEAR to protect your portfolio from shocking losses & ensure you don’t have to start over again
  • Learn the BEST technical indicator and how it can protect your nest egg
  • How to understand annuities- are they a shining savior or dastardly villian?
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6 Critical Mistakes Doctors Make With Their Money
Learn from Others' Stumbles

  • The critical step to being able to save for retirement.
  • The BIGGEST mistake doctors make with investments. 4 key questions to ask yourself before putting money in any investments.
  • How to max out social security, including the secret the government doesn't want you to know.
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8 Actions You MUST Take to Protect Your Family
 Easy to use FREE tools and cheap ways...

  • Protect your family without paying thousands of dollars to an attorney using these three FREE tips.
  • Learn about the time-sucking pitfall of probate and how you can avoid it.
  • Understand how estate taxes work and what you can proactively do to get rid of them altogether.
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